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Microfiber fitness towel 100x40cm

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Technical Informations

Dimensions : 42x34x1cm
Weight : 0.2kg
Color : Black
Material : Microfiber

Training: This microfiber towel is designed to be used during your sports activities, it is soft and light to bring you maximum comfort.

Features: High-quality microfiber provides fast absorption and drying. This towel is designed for the active athlete and is easy to take with you wherever you go, whether it's to the gym, to yoga or for an outdoor workout. It can be used to wipe down, lay down for floor exercises, or wrap around the chest during intense cardio sessions. It is also easy to wash and does not warp.

Safety: The towel is hypoallergenic and does not cause any irritation to your skin. It is also safe for your health, as it is made without harmful chemicals. So you can be sure to enjoy your workout safely.

Perfect for: all sportsmen who train, whether it be for weight training, yoga, fitness, running, etc.

Why choose the microfiber fitness towel:

  • Maximum Absorption: Made of high quality microfiber, this towel offers excellent sweat and moisture absorption, keeping you dry during your intense workouts.
  • Compactness: With its dimensions of 100x40cm, it is easily transportable, allowing you to slip it into your gym bag or purse without cluttering your space.
  • Durability: Designed to withstand daily wear and frequent washing, this towel is a durable choice for your sports equipment.
  • Comfort: The soft, smooth texture of the microfiber provides extra comfort for your skin, allowing you to focus on your workout without distraction.

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