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Physical Preparation

To maximize performance and prevent injuries, athletes need access to a comprehensive array of items that support every aspect of physical preparation. This category offers resources for a well-rounded training program, enhancing strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and agility. Equip yourself with tools and guides to build muscle mass, boost power, and enhance endurance. Discover items that increase range of motion, reduce muscle strains, and improve overall endurance and stamina. Find resources to enhance speed, coordination, and quickness. Equipping yourself with these items ensures you can continue your training effectively, even without a coach present. By using these resources, athletes can maintain their training regimen, adapt exercises to their specific needs, and work towards peak performance and optimal health throughout their training and competitive activities.

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UFC Power Bands 12,5 Kg
12.7 kg 30 kg 40 kg
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UFC Power Bands Bundle
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Jemand in Chezard St Martin kaufte ein/e Venum Challenger Groinguard .
VE-1062-L-Venum Challenger Groinguard
Jemand in St. Gallen kaufte ein/e Sporttasche Trainer Lite Evo .
VE-03830-200-Venum Trainer Lite Evo Sports Bags  - Khaki/Black
Jemand in St. Gallen kaufte ein/e Venum Challenger Standup Shinguards-Black-Black .
VE-2050-114-L-Venum Challenger Standup Shin Guards atte/Black
Jemand in St. Gallen kaufte ein/e Venum Lightning Boxing Gloves .
VE-04593-449-16OZ-Venum Lightning Boxing Gloves
Jemand in St. Gallen kaufte ein/e MMA-Handschuhe Pro Combat Sports .
CSIFG3S BLACKLARGE-Combat Sports Pro Style MMA Gloves
Jemand in St. Gallen kaufte ein/e Kompressions-T-Shirt kurzarm Hit 2.0 .
8W-8300013-3-8 WEAPONS Rashguard, S/S, Hit 2.0, black-red, L
Jemand in Bourrignon kaufte ein/e Multivitamin A, C, E und D3 60caps A.Vogel .
Jemand in Baldegg kaufte ein/e OPRO Instant Custom Jaws - Black/White/White .
OP-102525002-OPRO Instant Custom Jaws - Black/White/White
Jemand in Villmergen kaufte ein/e Boxbandagen Kontact - 4 Meter .
VE-0429-W-Venum "Kontact" Boxing Handwraps - 4m-White
Jemand in Rotkreuz kaufte ein/e UFC Foam Roller .
UHA-69724-UFC Foam Roller
Jemand in Winterthur kaufte ein/e RDX Gürtel für gewichtsbelastete Dips .
RDXWDB-T7R-Pro Dipping Belt 2 Layer Red
Jemand in Genève kaufte ein/e RDX Gürtel für gewichtsbelastete Dips .
RDXWDB-T7CG-Pro Dipping Belt 2 Layer Camo Gray
Jemand in Wetzikon ZH kaufte ein/e Boxhandschuhe Challenger 4.0 .
VE-05141-617-16OZ-Venum Challenger 4.0 Boxing Gloves