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Punching Ball with double elastic attachment

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Technical Informations

Dimensions : 20x20x20cm
Weight : 2kg
Color : Black
Material : Leather


The double elastic boxing ball is specially designed for interval training and reflex exercises. This makes it an ideal tool for improve coordination and responsiveness. Whether for sports, martial arts or other activities requiring fast movements, this speed ball helps develop essential skills.


Made from high-quality PU leather, this boxing ball guarantees outstanding durability and a pleasant feel. For extra strength, it is lined with several layers of robust materials. Inside, the ball is fitted with a rubber bladder similar to that of a soccer. It is carefully inflated to a diameter of 21 cm to give it a perfect shape. This ball features extra-stable 1.8 m elastic straps, extendable to 2.2 m. This ensures safe installation and easy adjustment to suit individual user needs.


Extra-stable elastic straps ensure a secure hold. This reduces the risk of the ball falling or moving unintentionally during training. What's more, the valve bladder maintains optimum air pressure. This avoids the risk of sudden deflation. The use of PU leather guarantees the durability of the ball, reducing the risk of tearing or damage during training sessions.


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