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Boxeur Des Rues®, literally “street fighting boxer”. “Boxeur Des Rues” is a brand taking inspiration from “savate”, the French boxing technique that combines elements of the “western boxing” with the martial arts imported at the beginning of the 19th century by the French sailors from the “far east” and Asian ports. These techniques were developed into a fighting style used mainly in street brawls. Later the “savate” moved into underground fight clubs around the dockyards of the most important and toughest port of France: Marseille. As consequence of the huge level of betting, both written and unwritten, fighting rules were defined. From that the name “Boxeur Des Rues”, true sportsmen, but living and born on the streets. Therefore, the brand essence is the fusion of “streetwear” and “sportswear”.

BXW1001899AQANTL-Basic Long Logo Sweatpants Save 40%
CHF79.90 CHF47.94
BXM0400145AQBLACKL-Interlock Sweatshirt W/Tape Save 40%
CHF159.90 CHF95.94
BXW3303220AQBLACKS-All Over Print Sport Bra Save 40%
CHF54.90 CHF32.94
BXW1001899AQPINKL-Basic Long Logo Sweatpants Save 40%
CHF79.90 CHF47.94
BXW3303158AQBLACKL-Basic Olympic Tank Logo Top Save 40%
CHF35.90 CHF21.54
BXM0400142AQBLACKL-Brushed Color Block Hoodie Save 40%
CHF119.90 CHF71.94
BXW2002476AQBLACKL-Lady Strass Logo T-Shirt L/S Save 40%
CHF51.90 CHF31.14
BXW0220104AQGREENL-Basic T-Shirt With Front Logo Save 40%
CHF38.90 CHF23.34
BXM1001250AQWHITEL-Man Long Pant Save 40%
CHF79.90 CHF47.94
BXW1001899AQBLACKL-Basic Long Logo Sweatpants Save 40%
CHF78.90 CHF47.34
BXW1000276ARBKS-Color Block Legging Save 40%
CHF84.90 CHF50.94
BXW0220104AQBLACKL-Basic T-Shirt With Front Logo Save 40%
CHF39.90 CHF23.94
Jemand in Winterthur kaufte ein/e Ringside einstellbares Springseil Schwarz 2m74 .
RSJRF-BLUE-Ringside Jump Rope with Foam handles 9 feet
Jemand in Zürich kaufte ein/e UFC Pro Competition MMA-Handschuhe Damen .
UHK-69905-UFC Pro Competition Glove-Women's Bantam
Jemand in Effretikon kaufte ein/e RDX Mundschutz Erwachsene .
RDXGGS-3WA-RDX Mouth Guard Adult
Jemand in Crissier kaufte ein/e Challenger Bauchmuskelrad .
VE-04209-015-Venum Challenger Abs Wheel - Khaki
Jemand in Schöftland kaufte ein/e Multiclean ETA Spray Disinfectant 200 ml .
VEPRETA200-Multiclean ETA Spray Disinfectant 200 ml
Jemand in Bauma kaufte ein/e OPRO Self-Fit UFC Bronze - White .
OP-002258002-OPRO Self-Fit UFC  Bronze - White
Jemand in Malans GR kaufte ein/e RDX Gewichtheben Gym Krafttraining Zughilfen .
RDXWAN-W1CGN+-Gym Single Strap Camo Green Plus
Jemand in Schaffhausen kaufte ein/e OproTec Knee Sleeve with Closed Patella-Large .
OPTEC5730-LG-OproTec Knee Sleeve with Closed Patella-Large
Jemand in Watt kaufte ein/e RDX W1 Vollfinger-Turnhandschuhe .
RDXWGA-W1FR-M-Gym Weight Lifting Gloves W1 Full Red-M
Jemand in Hergiswil kaufte ein/e UFC Pro Line Vale Tudo Shorts .
VNMUFC-00073-003-S-UFC Pro Line Men's Vale Tudo Shorts
Jemand in Hergiswil kaufte ein/e Boxhandschuhe - Unlimited white 10 Oz .
8W-8150010-1-Boxing Gloves - Unlimited white 10 Oz
Jemand in Sattel kaufte ein/e RDX C11 Springseil mit Anti-Rutsch Griffe .
RDXSRI-C11U-Skipping Rope Iron C11 Blue