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RDX T17 Aura Body Protector

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Coach – fear no more, your hard-hitting bone-crunching athlete has met his/her match. Have your athletes go balls-to-the-wall knowing you’re safe and sound. The Aura chest guard is built like a tank with sturdy compressed padding, layered over the other to protect the chest and ribs. The thick padding absorbs shock and the design structure distributes it evenly minimizing the localized impact. The result, a durable and well-fitted vest that’ll help you maintain form while giving your athlete a tough time.

  • Kalix Skin – Combat leather that not only protects the shock-absorbent center of this highly durable product, it also conforms to heat fluctuations picking up slack, or offering it when the temperatures change.
  • Supremo-Shock foam – The laminated hard shock-absorbent center is sandwiched with a soft foam padding that greets every strike with softness comparable to that of a pillow.
  • EVA-LUTION padding – Thick, durable, and shock consolidating. The center of these chest guards are dense using closed-cell padding that offers a barrage of shock-absorbent padding. This chest guard design will have your athlete pouring their all into each body shot without putting a dent on this guard.
  • Quick-EZ buckle – A plastic buckle easily connects or disconnects and is adjustable too.
  • Inner Aura – An inner lining wicks away sweat from the body for a dry and comfortable training experience thanks to the porous inner lining of the chest guard.

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